Seanol Antioxidant- A true reliever or an over-rated drug

In today`s rapidly moving world where time is like money. Who has the time to see the apple slice turning brown fish becoming rancid, a raw cut in our body becoming inflamed. All of these result from a natural process called oxidation. It happens to all cells in nature, including the ones in your body. This oxidation causes free radicals, which starts chain reactions and may cause damage or death to the cells.


Nature has provided us with many anti-oxidants like blueberries, cranberries, broccoli, pecan, black plum, red wine, green tea etc. However, imagine if you can`t take this natural seanol anti oxidant in required numbers, what you will do. You cannot risk your body cells to damage .Then there comes a substitute founded by Dr. Stephen Sinatra. A drug named as seanol supplement. So, you will now be thinking why to use an artificial supplement if we can have a natural method of anti-oxidation. Now seanol supplement has an advantage. Seanol-p is an extract, which is made up of edible marine brown alga species, found in the ocean off Japan and Korea. So that’s completely natural. Seanol-p has an advantage as it is 100 times more advantageous than any other synthetic drug and has 1000 times more than the natural anti-oxidants. Apart from controlling oxidation in your body cells, Seanol anti oxidant also have the following advantages:-

1)  It promotes healthy LDL and triglyceride levels.

2)  It Increases beneficial HDL cholesterol levels.

3)  It promotes normal blood pressure and circulation.

4)  It maintains strong, flexible blood vessels.

5)  It supports sharp brain function.

6)  It provides a boost in energy.

7) It reduces pains in joints.

As we have provided the various facts about seanol anti oxidant, It is true that all good things can`t come in a single package. As seanol-pis a relatively new medicine, trials are still on and its effects and side effects are still being processed. Nevertheless, as prevention, pregnant women and women while breast-feeding should not take seanol supplement.

Seanol reviews:- As the usage of this new drug is increasing and more and more people are using it , there were many seanol reviewsabout it. Some of these are follows:-

Keith- Several of your supplements including heart healthy vitamins for men, and omega Q plus. I feel great and I basically good health. However, I cannot credit one of your seanol supplements over another.

Jodie- My cholesterol was in the high range and my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I told him to give me a chance to get it down. I started taking seanol supplements and one year later, it was in the normal range and my blood pressure was much lower too! I am convinced!


As we have highlighted various points about seanol supplements, we think these seanol reviews would be helpful to the consumers about to try seanol or not.


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