What is exactly the Seanol?

What is Seanol?

A good definition of seanol supplement is that it is a polyphenolic anti-aging substance extract extracted from ecklonia cava extract which is a Brown Alga mostly found in deep ocean floor of Korea and Japan. Its due to its herbal qualities in making the human skin not to appear as that makes it well known to the residents of Japan.

It’s an anti- aging power out do most of the antioxidant strength with by about 3000 times.

Genetics Company’s reputation has been built since they started the production of the seanol marine d-3 Supplement, which happens to be oil supplement from the fish that inhabit the deep ocean floors. This seanol marine d3 supplement is has the best and recommended ingredients as sited by the scientific research as compared to other widely known variety of Supplements with the ability of reversing the aging associated causes in a slowing manner hence helps in achieving a body system that is regarded as a healthy one.


Seanol supplements are normally sold inform of capsules packs of 30 which makes it the right supplement recommended for fighting the possible  outcomes are a result of ageing for everyone.

They normally have the power to antioxidant the ageing person and replenish his/ her skin to appear young.

Seanol Side Effects

So far, no seanol side effects have been documented and also been proven to have caused since it has the properties of any other consumable food stuffs. Less percentages of its consumers may experience any reactions in their body structures since partly some of them tend to vary depending on what he/she is consuming  hence prescribed to stop using the seanol supplements as soon as they effects starts showing up.
Research shows that it doesn’t contain and side effects and thus anyone in good health can consume it since it is recommended to everyone who is physically fit and also health wise as compared to other consumable food stuffs such as; eggs, milk, peanuts and wheat.


The Marine D-3 ingredients:

Marine d-3 mostly comprises of three antioxidants which mostly are reffered to as super this is because of their power and the ability to replenish an ageing skin. These three antioxidants are normally extracted and processed from a see weed found in the deep sea as known as cklonia cava and its ingredients do not have negative effects so you will not get any ecklonia cava side effects.


What is the Seanol P?

It is brown seaweed, which happens to serve as the most essential ingredient in the marine d-3 supplements. It is also potent and effective as compared to seanol –f, therefore credited as best choice for the seanol supplements in terms of quality.

Seanol P is easily absorbed by water hence regarded as soluble and can be easily be absorbed into fatty tissues human body system and the brain cell since it infiltrates deep into the three layers of the body.


What is the Calamarine?

Calamarine is a marine d-3 second ingredient and it is normally in form of Squid oil. This ingredient is much effective when compared to the Krill oil and extracts from traditional fish since it contains high amount of Omega – 3 fatty acids.

It helps the human body in absorbing into the cells the seanol antioxidant easily and simple therefore, it is combined with seanol-p since it has the ability to act as an improvement for absorption.


Vitamin D3:

This Vitamin falls under the third category Marine D3 supplements in Marine D3 ranking, and it is of great help in the prevention of the bone conditions, skin replenishing and joint complications. Its normally part of the Vitamin that we get from the sunlight rays as they hit our skin.

According to marine d-3 reviews, this product is easily effective in prevention of the adverse aging process and plays a major role in preservation of healthy being.


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