What is seanol ? Can Seanol help me…

The Seanol supplements are a unique seaweed extract from the Ecklonia Cava seaweed of the deep ocean floors. The Seanol antioxidant supplements are sold in a pack of 30 capsules, making it the ideal supplement pack for people keen on fighting the possible effects that come with the aging process.


They supplements come as a momentous breakthrough in antioxidant power with their far reaching effects in the body. With that well said, what is Seanol?

Seanol is a powerful anti-aging solution extracted from the Ecklonia Cava seaweed to sum up an anti-aging power over 3000 times that of most of the antioxidant nutrients currently sold throughout the world. This brown seaweed extract is inarguably based on scientific research on the Japanese diet where it traces its roots on, and is credited for the long life expectancy rates enjoyed by the Japanese people since time in memorial.

There are two popular active ingredients available in most Seanol supplements in the market today. The fist ingredient is the Seanol-P which is considered more potent than other Seanol ingredients. Based on the virtue of its being more potent and effective than the typical Seanol-F, Seanol-p is used to make high-endSeanol supplements like the Marine D-3 and is obviously sold expensively. The Seanol-F is typical of all other Seanol supplements but is less effective than theSeanol-P product. Its however less expensive and hence most supplements companies in the market take the easier way out and use it in their products so as to increase sales  on the low-end markets.

All Products based on the Seanol supplement lasts longer in the body system, ensuring users feel younger, healthier and even more energized to carry on with their daily undertakings unperturbed. It’s totally a natural product.

The Ecklonia Cava benefits/ Seanol benefits

The Seanol extract is specially prepared based on a sound scientific research to reduce all potential side effects including the dreaded horrible after taste associated with most supplements. Some of the Ecklonia Cava benefits include:

1      It helps to promote healthy LDL and triglyceride levels in the body leading to healthy body tissues.

2      Helps in boosting the body energy levels

3      Helps to promote sharper brain functioning

4      Helps to maintain strong, healthy and flexible blood vessels leading to better blood circulation

5      Helps to increase beneficial levels of HDL and cholesterol in the body



The normal dosage recommended for Seanol supplements are two capsules once daily with a heavy meal. The supplements are also not recommended for uptake by children.

Seanol side effects

There are no documented side effects of Seanol supplements. However, just like any other food products and depending on the variations in the different body structures, some people may experience possible reactions and hence are advised to discontinue use as soon as they react to any Seanol antioxidants. TheSeanol supplements do not however contain any major allergens (like wheat, milk, peanuts, eggs and the like) and so may be consumed by people of all walks of life or rather, by anyone in good health.


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